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10th Nov – 08:30am – 09.30am Sharm el Sheikh (06.30-07.30 GMT)

COP27 Food and Agriculture Pavilion and online

HCN with EAT Foundation, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, IFSMA, and Rockefeller Foundation.

Globally, there is a double threat to healthy nutrition at the centre of the climate crisis. First, millions of people in climate vulnerable states are at risk off food insecurity and under-nourishment due to floods, drought and other extreme climate events that threaten food production, especially traditional crops. At the same time, there is a rapidly increasing epidemic of obesity and diet-related illnesses that coincides with the rise of the Western-style diet, which is often produced through high greenhouse gas emitting industrialised food systems. Therefore, it is essential to put the delivery of healthy diets at the centre of the agrifood system reform that responds to the climate emergency.

This event will include international speakers at the forefront of the nexus between nutrition, food systems and climate change responses to explore issues of climate and nutrition from different angles, including:

  • Prioritise ecologically sustainable food systems to strengthen resilience, increase food and nutrition security, and lower emissions.
  • Ensuring research and development supports resilient indigenous and traditional food production.
  • Promoting national measures for promoting healthy and sustainable nutrition, such as regulation, banning advertising of unhealthy products, and procurement in schools, prisons, and hospitals.
  • Shifting consumption systems away from ultra-processed foods linked to high carbon emissions and obesity.
  • Ensuring the Glasgow and Sharm el Sheikh initiatives on food systems have a focus on and finance access to sustainable, healthy nutrition.


Lujain Alqodmani, EAT Foundation

Rahmine Paullete,  Food at COP

Matthew Wilson Sicangu Co

Rafael Rioja Arantes, IDEC

Mohamed Eissa, IFMSA

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