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18th Nov – 08:30 – 09:30 Sharm el Sheikh (06.30-07.30 GMT)

COP27 SDG Pavilion and online

HCN with SLOCAT Partnership for Sustainable Transport and the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

This event will explore the nexus of SDG 3 (health), SDG7 (Energy) and SDG13 (Climate Change). Speakers will demonstrate the potential for significant health gains from taking a just energy transition approach – including clean air, mental health gains and improved access to health and nutrition – and present an action agenda for implementation.

A just energy transition is increasingly viewed as important in confronting the energy and climate crises. The G7, along with middle income partners including India, Indonesia and South Africa, is looking to establish Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) to support coal phase-out.  Just transition is also a core ask among those calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation Treaty (FFNPT), which envisions a phased and decisive phase-out of all fossil fuels.

This event will explore the key principles for a healthy transition needed to deliver a clean energy future for a thriving healthy society. Creating a healthy fossil free world requires re-imagining a new healthy energy future, delivering a system of diverse technology, innovative solutions, and decentralised ownership, with a focus on people, health, and the environment.

The speakers at this event will present a vision for three components of delivering JET to a healthy fossil free world: for the economy and jobs, for cities, and to deliver energy access.

Chair: Jeni Miller, Global Climate and Health Alliance

Jess Beagley, Global Climate and Health Alliance

Azeeza Rangunwala Groundwork South Africa

Poornima Prabhakaran, Public Health Foundation for India

Shruti Sharma, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Karl Peet, SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport

Mohamed Mezghani, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

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