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 The HCN community is a wide range of experts from a range of sectors working across the climate change and health agenda. Members of our community bring experience and outreach across our core themes of clean healthy energy, active transport, thriving healthy cities, sustainable food systems and healthy diets, and resilient, low-carbon health care systems.

The climate time-bomb is ticking but the latest @IPCC_CH report shows that we have the knowledge & resources to tackle the climate crisis.

We need to #ActNow to ensure a livable planet in the future.

“The #IPCC makes clear that governments must make stronger commitments this year that accelerate mitigation," said @JeniMiller “#Fossilfuels have got to go.” #ipccsyr #climateaction #fossilfreeforhealth

The climate crisis is also a water crisis - but all of us can be part of the solution.

Ahead of next week’s UN #WaterAction conference, find out how you can #ActNow for our planet and our future.

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The HCN Community

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